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Quote from Buckyball60 View Post :
I would use webmin and virtualmin
Would that be better than ZPanel and webmin? I was going to install webmin alongside ZPanel, but if VirtualMin really is better then I'll move.

Also, how do I delete ZPanel?

Quote from priyaradha View Post :
Make sure you change the setting on the DNS page on urlhasbeenblocked. I was doing it from zpannel but nothing happened. Then I found out I had to goto the "DNS" where you manage your servers and enter the information.

1) Make sure your NS records point to the correct nameservers in my case it is (,,etc..)

2) Create your A records:
---1) address provided by CVPS
---2) address provided by CVPS

3) Add your MX record.

use this to see if everything propagated fine:
Okay I got a bit confused here. What I understood from reading thinkfire's post is that you don't add anything on the DNS settings in the urlhasbeenblocked control panel. What I did right now is exactly what the guy I'm quoting below said. I have done all of that and went into ZPanel and made the DNS settings as follows:

Not sure if this is correct, but when I ping my domain name now through command prompt on my own PC, I get a response back and it shows the IP of the server.

However, I tried creating a subdomain through ZPanel and I can't seem to be able to ping that, so I think I'm still doing something wrong.

Quote from drunkhumping View Post :
Make sure that you register the nameserver first. By the way, it's not you, the NameCheap nameserver registration is (expletive) (expletive) stupid.

Make sure you're first signed in, mouseover Domains, and click My Domains in the upper right of that dropdown box.
In the main window, check the domain you would like to establish NS for, then click Edit Selected >>

On the left hand side, directly under Advanced Options is Nameserver Registration, click that.

Then choose the prefix type that you'd like to use, and then type in the IP address of where it will be going to. NS# is pretty much the standard operating method.

That should pretty much do it on the DNS Records end, but make sure that when you get to your server, (and I can't speak for zPanel, sorry) that you've got your BIND set up properly on that main hosting domain account, because all other domains that you create should use that as the parent domain.

I tried Kloxo for a bit, and it's ... okay. Certainly has a lot of the visuals and experience similar to somebody coming from a cPanel, whether you'll have resellers or just other direct clients, they can have their own logins and go do their thing. However, I second the Webmin/VirtualMin setup. It's not fancy by any means, but if you're the guy doing the hosting, their scripts are pretty damn good. With a name/description/domain, you can pretty much have a domain hosted in 30 seconds, supposing they're already pointing to your nameserver.
I figured that out earlier as I stated right above this, except for the BIND part. Not sure what that is or where I can configure it from.

This is a second recommendation for VirtualMin. Is it really easier? I don't plan on using this a reseller or anything of the sorts. I'm using this to host one or two websites and maybe some other servers later on if I need to.