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Quote from Mo786 View Post :
Wait, and the subdomains work like that? I thought subdomains on zpanel only work if you have DNS server managed by ZPanel?

Can you tell me exactly what you have setup?
Absolutely, if you go into your namecheap panel and click on a domain under "Advanced Options" on the left side you will see "Nameserver registration" from there you add in your root ip address from your VPS (19X.XX.XXX.XXX) in the boxes for NS1 and NS2 with your domain. Click save and then go to "Domain Server Setup" under the general category, and in there enter your NS1.DOMAIN.XXX that you setup in the last step, do this for NS1 and NS2.

When you setup the domain in Zpanel it should have automagically setup your DNS entries already as NS1.DOMAIN.XXX for NS1 and NS2, but if not then Go into the "DNS Manager" in Zpanel, choose your domain and then ensure that the settings in "A" for NS1 and NS2 show your IP address(es) and on the NS tabe that is has and in the targe fields (@) should be in the hostname field.

For subdomains they are setup to automatically point to that same name server, meaning that to my knowledge you cannot have pointing to a different Name server tham, BUT you can certainly create its own file structure and database if you choose to do so for instance with you may want a forum rather than a wordpress setup in (or whatever you choose to use.)

Zpanel took a while for me to get the hang of, but it's really pretty good, I found as well that sometimes you may need to reboot your machine to get the DNS to work correctly, this has only happened to me once, but a simple "Sudo reboot" fixed it up just fine, and since the box boots up so quickly it's no big deal to me.