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Quote from JCO View Post :
Your comment about the clutch got me a bit worried about long term ownership. So I priced the clutch on ebay. It looks to be a $40.00 part and looks easy enough to do.
Serves me right for spouting what others have said on other forums, without any research into it, complainers always exaggerate. It still worries me that most of the parts on the vacuum that are likely to break, aren't covered at all through the warranty. I didn't expect that when buying it.

I got mine yesterday night, after the fedex guy delivered to the wrong house. First impressions, great suction, better than my old one (obv.), I love the way it pulls/drags along my carpet when using it, seems like it cleans better this way, instead on floating over the carpet on the wheels, like all my old vacuums did. I can see why some complain it pulled too much on their carpet and worried them, but mine isn't old or tattered, so it's not like it's going to fall apart. It's light weight, for me at least, not heavy at all.

My old boss owned a Dyson and I used it once, I loved the handle hose/wand, seemed so convenient. It's cool, but a couple things bug me. When the vacuum is upright, the hose engages automatically. Not the biggest deal, but a tad disappointing, I wish it engages whe the wand is pulled somehow. To pull the wand out, you need to completely remove the power cord, because the hook is attached to the wand. It removes from the convenience factor because you must wind it back up after using the wand, so no super quick spot cleaning, like it could have been. Luckily the hook is on a swivel so you just twist it down to remove the cord, if only it was always that easy to stick the cord back on.

Unless I'm dense, the only way to lower the head of the vacuum is to put your foot on it and pull the handle back. I'm used to all the cheap vacuums having a button to unlock from the upright position. Seems a little cheap for a $400 vacuum. Speaking of cheap, the plastic is cheap looking to me, but most vacuums are plastic these days, so I shouldn't complain.

Is it worth it? To some, yes, to others, no. Big Grin I've never spent this much on a vacuum before, so naturally I obsessively googled for reviews and opinions of others to help justify my purchase. Naturally. I do that with everything I buy that costs a pretty penny. Like most everything, plenty loved their Dysons, plenty hated. The ones that hated mentioned frequently that you can get close to the same level of performance for less $$, through various other vacuums, like a Shark or the Eureka suctionseal, plenty of others. These vacuums are $100-200, A good bit less than the Dyson. Less of a hit to the wallet when something breaks too, because I don't think any vacuums warranty "wear and tear" items, I've recently learned.

Long post, sorry. Dyson has a 30 day trial in home, complete refund, provided you return it in perfect condition. I'm probably still gonna return it, cause deep down, I still think $250 is too much to spend on this vacuum I recieved, but it is nice being able to test in in the home before committing to buy it. Good on Dyson for that.

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