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Quote from littlepigs View Post :
My main concern is the shoulder pads. Can you let me know how restricted your arms are for pullups?
I just put it together & tried it out a bit.

With my arms straight up and hands at shoulder width for a pull-up, the parts of the vest that go over the shoulders do dig into my neck a bit. I did 5 assisted pull-ups with 28 lbs in the vest. I would estimate that I could do 15 of those and still not be bothered at my neck, since it only pushes in on the neck and doesn't rub across it. But I may not want to do, say, 3 sets of 20 shoulder presses; and I may have to wear something around my neck when playing basketball or some other sport where my arms go up a lot. When my arms are at my sides or sticking straight out, the vest doesn't press into my neck at all. (This is all for when I am wearing a regular t-shirt or sweatshirt.)

The front & back parts are actually separate parts that are attached together with large overlapping velcro areas and also have double-ring straps with velcro for added support. The top areas of the vest that overlap are a bit tapered, so if you overlap them more, the neck-opening becomes smaller (and the weights sit a bit higher on the torso). If you overlap them less, in addition to the weights sitting a bit lower, the neck opening gets a bit bigger, maybe by 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch.

My neck is about 15" around at the bottom. So, with an increase of 1/2 an inch, my above description would be accurate for a neck of about 16.5".