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Quote from MeatCatalog View Post :
Despite this being an HD4000 (slow as is) it us HD4000 on a ULV i5-3317U. This is about 30% slower than a desktop HD4000. IN ADDITION because this is 4GB of SINGLE CHANNEL RAM it cuts performance by another 30% as intel graphics uses system ram.

So the HD4000 on this CPU is about 60% slower than a desktop HD4000 found in i3s, i5s, i7s. This means not even Team Fortress is playable at lowest settings (10fps in "intense" spots) due to the massive resolution of the display.

3dmark11 score is approximately 450 on this laptop. To put that into perspective, a 2009 mobile amd hd5650 scores about 1400, and a $65 AMD 6770 (desktop) scores about 2500. The AMD 6770 is considered "bare minimimum" for a gaming pc and is about 600% faster than this laptop.
my Surface Pro runs TF fine.. however, it does have dual channel memory...
Sites to not deal with

DailySteal - 2 month slow shipping
MWave - no customer service
Tigerdirect - The last few month their service has crapped out again - now no customer service and rebate not received again.
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