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Quote from sunray1231 View Post :
Hi Everyone, how long did it take for your vps to be provisioned?
I am having a hard time geting mine up and running.
I paid for the server about 12 hours ago, and after 6 hours of the status at "Pending" with no server details showing in the urlhasbeenblocked Portal, I submitted a ticket.
I just checked and the ticket was closed with no change in the status, no emails ...nothing.
Kinda strange....
I just submitted another ticket so let's see what happens.
Just to be clear I initially got a series of emails confirming credit card payment , etc. then a confirmation email for the first support ticket and then nothing else, not even the support ticket I just submitted.

I guess I have a second question: Why would they close a support ticket without resolution?

Check your spam box?

What's the ticket response say when they closed it?
Not happy with a company you dealt with?

File a BBB complaint for some results. []