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Quote from AndrewW07 View Post :
No, the pictures will look different. The equivalent focal length on the crop sensor of 80mm still has the physical aperture diameter in front of it, so the effective aperture isn't as wide. When you figure full frame equivalence, multiply both the focal length and aperture by the crop factor, 1.6x for canons.

So, 50mm F/1.4 on full frame = 80mm F/2.2 on a crop camera in terms of what the image looks like. Depth of field won't be as shallow.
Yeah this is a good point. I think we tend to neglect what the crop factor does to aperture because you can't do anything about it besides buy a full-frame camera. At least, that's how I look at it. Not like focal length where you can just get a shorter lens.

I have and love the 50mm f1.8 for my APS-C camera because it's a killer value at around 90 bucks. That said, I'd MUCH rather have the 35mm 2.0 for this camera, price aside, and that's much of why I recommend the 50mm 1.4 over this 85mm if I had to pick just one. Granted you don't get the same field of view, but you can at least zoom in for a portrait by getting closer with a shorter lens; however, zooming out with a longer lens can be tricky depending on your environment (particularly indoors).