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Quote from stutter55 View Post :
What's the major difference of this lens if I just used a Canon 50mm f1.4 on a crop sensor. That's essentially 80mm. And I get an extra stop of light.

Would people say this is more of a portrait lens?
An extra stop of light from the f/1.8 is actually f/1.2... so almost a full stop of light. I find that 50mm is usable in an indoor setting... it's not so "close" to your subject that they act unnaturally, and it isn't so "close" in regards to what is in the viewfinder that you are a mile away. I have a 100mm f/2.8L IS macro that I would be lucky if I were in the right position for a candid photo...
85mm on a crop is considered ideal for portraiture... or 135mm on a full frame, but that might just be because both lenses by Canon are really well made.
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