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Quote from sdmahoney View Post :
The Walmart by my house gets shipments twice a week on the same days. Academy sports also is getting shipments every week. I have been slowly stocking up for weeks (3 box limit and all) at prices only slightly higher than pre-panic. Just because you think there is no ammo, doesn't make it true.
Exactly, my academy near me have them in twice a week at 50c a round, although limiting to 1 box per customer. I just snatched 10 boxes of Federal at Gander Mtn just last week for also 50c a round when I had to swing by to pick up my new rifle. The guy told me just last thursday they had 40,000 round of 5.56 came in and they have it every Thursday. I don't check Walmart too often but I'm sure you can find them there too if you are consistent. Then there are also bass pro shop.

If you can't find them at a good price, it's either because you're too lazy to look or you're too impatient
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