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Love their cases, had them since ipad 1 for one of their very first batch.

A few things regarding their cases for those not familiar:
- Everything is handmade, so expect slow shipping time. Not unreasonably slow, but don't expect Amazon Prime like turnaround
- Case is made using book binding technique and bamboo, so it is more an accessory than protection. Ipad + dodo looks very classy, but with the price you'll probably want to protect the case as well
- DO NOT leave the case in the car. Because of bamboo, the whole thing will warp under heat
- the HARDCOVER series is a sticker with front. The Hardcover cases attach to your ipad with adhesive, not bamboo or anything
- they are expensive, as you can already see, but with the coupon code much more palatable.

Sounds like a hassle for owning this case? Well, it's not. It is the same as how you should be treating your expensive tablet anyway. But I find Dodocases one of, if not the, most classy case around, even our current POTUS is using one.