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Quote from sdmahoney View Post :
The Walmart by my house gets shipments twice a week on the same days. Academy sports also is getting shipments every week. I have been slowly stocking up for weeks (3 box limit and all) at prices only slightly higher than pre-panic. Just because you think there is no ammo, doesn't make it true.
hey fellow texan. keep in mind, texas already had huge stashes and most of us are paranoid and crazy by nature so most texans already had thousands of rounds in stash.

I'm from the northeast and i'm not going to name my sorry state (that i'm moving back to shortly too), but MANY of my friends up there who also like guns were caught flat footed. they had 100 rounds of .22, maybe 100 rounds of 9mm, and nothing else. It was pretty pathetic. So they're the reason things are panic ridden and they're the ones with good jobs/earnings who are more than willing to pay $1 a round because they think the politicians might cause the world to end (LOL).

Case in point to wait... AR-15's are coming down in price again, and available. Barrels, uppers and even some BCG's are available (at higher prices, but available). 9mm and .223 are available for less than $1/round. And walmarts are starting to show inventory again once in a while.

The stock market is sound for now, and all the countries have shown their willingness to print/inflate their monetary supply so it sidesteps immediate heart attack in exchange for long term heart burn...

let Sandy Hook and the recent shortages of everything teach people to be prepared, learn to reload, and stock moderately, and learn from panic buying.