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Quote from gumburgerler View Post :
Have not received the R1's in the mail but I am looking forward to receive them. Personally if I were you I would jump on the R1 at this price (since I have never seen them drop in price for so low). At $25 there is just to much upside in purchasing these. Worse case you don't like them then you return them via Amazon (who offer excellent customer service). I've read reviews both on Amazon and of other audiofile websites and for the most part these earbuds have received positive feedback. Yes these would be a major upgrade from the betas and would be great for out of home use.
Thanks again, I will probably jump the gun even when Beta are perfectly fine for me. It's a kind of a problem (read: impossible) for me to return anything to Amazon or other shop in USA because I'm living in Russia and use mailforwarding services to get chinese goods from America to Soviet Russia haha.
P.S. Sorry for my horrible English, it's really hard to get enough speaking practice in monolingual country like mine but I love this forum and share goodies with you guys when I stumble upon it.