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Rooted! but now what??
Ok, I successfully rooted my Pantech Burst using this youTube tutorial:

Just follow the directions, he's really good about taking his time and explaining step-by-step.

NOTE: I did get the <waiting for device> message after getting into "fastboot boot prestoroot.img" at the command prompt... DON'T PANIC, just go back to the device manager and find the "Pantech Android ADB Interface Ver1" file (should be there if you properly installed the Pantech PC Suite). Just make sure you click on "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer," because I kept missing that and got frustrated.

Now that it's rooted...

Can someone please provide a clear path to what to do next?

I want to install Jelly Bean, as lllGurulll suggested, so that would be great if you could steer us in the proper direction, because as you mentioned, I'm still stuck with the ICS upgrade.

Also, instruction on how to install CM10 would be much appreciated.

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