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Quote from kim1982 View Post :
Sorry for the confusion. I meant AMAZON not EBAY. The sd card you posted, was the same one I was looking at on AMAZON, someone said if they don't have the numbers in the bottom left of the card (than they are fake). In the Amazon photo I don't see any numbers printed on the sd Card. Once again sorry for the confusion.
I think you are pretty safe buying direct from Amazon. I've bought a lot of SD cards and never had any that didn't work. I don't think its necessarily true about fakes not having those numbers printed on them. I have several like that and they have been working fine for a long time. Also, having the numbers printed isn't proof it isn't fake. Counterfeiters would can easily print whatever they want on the card.
At least with Amazon, if it doesn't work or isn't the right storage capacity, its easy and free to return it.

this is the one I bought, but its only 16GB:

its been working great. same vendor has a 32GB version: