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Good price! Visiting the link, it's odd that they put "We are a Canon USA Authorized Dealer " in the smallest font possible. I found the following on this link...

"I know what you mean. Last week, I tried to look up a place on eBay called "PMI Digital" (they're selling the 5D Mark III for $3,200). Their page said they were an authorized dealer, but I couldn't find them on the list. I finally figured out that their "brick & mortar" establishment is called "Profeel Marketing, Inc." (Profeel?!?), which is listed."

"PMI / Profeel sells on ebay for low prices. They aren't much for customer service, but they are a authorized dealer, and many buy from them. I've even bought a lens from them.
Undoubtedly, there are some inactive dealers on the list, and many times, the parent company name and the DBA name are totally unrelated, so its not easy to tell.
I'd worry more about companies that are not on the list than ones that are, and are inactive, temporarily or otherwise. You can always ask a company if they are authorized and under what name. If they do not reply, or put you on hold, its their loss not yours."

Hope this helps any confusion!