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Quote from xenorevlis View Post :
Tempted, but also skeptical because of feedback.

If you ordered this, please post your experience when you can...
Hi, sorry for this long post, my first, but I see people are curious about this website and I want to try and give backa little to a website (slickdeals) which has been so good to me.

This package has been available from paydeals for at least a few weeks now. I ordered it on March 18th after missing out on a deal for the same package at the same price offered by Sony through ebay around that time. I can tell you that the site is new and appears to be legit. I got a new, but re-boxed, ps vita bundle with 8gb memory card. They are re-boxed because I think they remove the ATT sim card that was originally packaged with the Vita. My order was not without problems and hassle but ultimately worked out. Sorry for the long description that follows but I want to accurately convey what happened with my order.

Like I said I ordered on March 18th. They quickly sent me a confirmation order and FedEx tracking number. It took about a week for my package to arrive on Tuesday, March 26th. I opened the box and found a Pantech Element tablet instead of a Playstation Vita. I tried to call Paydeals during there business hours but got no answer. I sent them an email and received a auto-reply saying Paydeals was closed Monday March 25th - Wednesday March 27th. Very annoyed at this point. Thursday March 28th I called in the morning, and I guy answered the phone just saying 'hello.' I asked if this was paydeals and he said oh, yeah and I told him I had received an incorrect item for an order. He asked if I could email the problem and he'd take care of it, I told him I already had, and he promised to take care of it. Shortly, he emailed me a return label, I sent the package back, tracked it, saw that delivery of the returned item was attempted Saturday March 30th but not left because no one answered the door. I emailed Monday morning April 1 to ask what was up and got another auto-reply this time saying Paydeals was closed Monday April 1st and Tuesday April 2nd. I figured out these weekdays off were probably related to Jewish holidays. It was extremely frustrating though. Finally, I talked to the guy again on Wednesday April 3rd, he agreed to overnight the Playstation Vita to me, and I received my correct, new, re-boxed PS Vita bundle Thursday April 4th.

All in all, my ordeal with Paydeals was at times very frustrating but I am ultimately happy with the result and the fact that they were willing to expedite the shipment of the correct order to me. And I am very happy with my PS vita so far. I'll try and answer any other questions if people have any...thanks