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Quote from moelsen8 View Post :
mine came in same condition, unsealed box, with some stickers, although cable and charger were in sealed up plastic. the cardboard box almost looked like it was a copy or reprint. phone was in great condition on the outside, but after a while i saw that it had pretty noticeable screen burn-in.. on any white or light screen i could see a big bright circle near the center of the screen, as well as what look like horizontal bars below it. i couldn't unsee it after a while, so i've sent it back for an exchange. i kind of knew full well that we wouldn't be getting sealed up boxes straight from the factory when ordering "new" phones on ebay for $100, but for the price i paid, i was pretty happy with the phone otherwise. i'm sure they're all used to some degree.. i think someone on here said they were told that they might be display phones or something (which could explain the burn-in). you have to also expect they'd have to open each and turn them on so they could unlock them (i highly doubt you can buy new and sealed carrier-branded phones unlocked). come to think of it, mine had already been upgraded to ICS already, which is a manual upgrade... that kind of ticks me off now thinking about it..

fyi, anyone wanting to stay unlocked don't revert the software to gingerbread. it'll ask you to put in the sim unlock code again, which isn't provided. the seller did seem willing to help me out here (and i did revert mostly just to test this, in addition to making sure the phone was completely wiped clean and back in stock form).
I just got my phone on Saturday ($80 used on ebay from phonestoreusa). I loved it until I noticed a big blue circle burned into the screen. Good to know that I can exchange, which I will do ASAP. The phone was flawless except for swirl scratches in the upper right part of the phone where it had been physically tethered. These are definitely display models.

UPDATE: Just got my replacement phone yesterday. No screen burn in Smilie phonestoreusa has great customer service; don't be afraid to buy from them and don't be afraid to get the $80 phone in great condition. I did a full night's charge. Now let's see how it performs today.

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