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Quote from ahjeck View Post :
Out of all the RE games, this is one of my favorite ones. It's also longer than RE4 and RE5. If anyone is playing for the first time, I suggest going online and finding a 'guide' on how to choose each story (eg. play Leon to chapter 2 first, then play Chris to chatper...etc). That way you get to learn about the story slowly through each character's eyes.

If you go through one story all the way (eg. Leon) you will know the whole story by the time you begin the 2nd or 3rd ones (Chris or Jake). In other words, all the characters are going through the whole story simultaneously.
Eh, I just went through it all the way for Leon and Chris and just finish Jake all with my cousin. It didn't ruin much for me personally. Going to finish Ada and see her side of the story.

Personally, I recommend getting the Steam / PC version and wait for that to get on sale. I played the Xbox360 version and the framerate was really screwing me over and feels like it's better to play most of the game with a mouse an keyboard (I emphasis MOST because there are bits in the game that highly encourage you to use an analog stick unless you're more fluent in playing third person shooters that turn into sudden action bits at certain points). Steam / PC is silky smooth.

On that note, $15 is a good deal. The lowest was $20. I do recommend $10 as a slick deal but this is good enough if you like to see how this game is.

Quote from GhostDog View Post :
I've heard so many bad things about this game. I think I'll just stick with Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for XBox 360. Wink
It's really not bad as most reviewers say it is. Anyone who put time in Mercenaries mode will feel right at home somewhat.

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