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Quote from preppyak View Post :
Because there have been a handful of deals for the 60D body in the <$600 range, and for the extra $400, there are much better lens options than the 18-200. I believe there have been a few deals for the 60D and 18-135 that have been <$900. Not to mention the T4i and 18-135 STM combo goes for $800ish regularly, and you get the same functionality as the 60D with a better lens.

Basically, unless they are giving you the 18-200 for a really cheap discount, its not much of a deal. The warranty is nice, wish they had a good bundle to make it worth it
I appreciate the response. It is very helpful to me and to users who may be in the market for a DSLR. The silent TDs were useless for the community.

If you value the 60D body deal at $600, the 18-200mm lens is worth the extra $400. That's how much they sell for used. And if you do want this lens, a $600 body-only deal will not do you any good.

And that's not even mentioning the 2nd year warranty and the 90-day return.

And yes, T4i is not the same as 60D. It has its pluses, but so does 60D.

But whatever, let the community decide.