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Quote from DawnF1490 View Post :
This question was asked and answered before, but I wanted to ask again just in case someone knew more information.

My son is a minecraft addict. We have the download and we are able to play on two xbox's through live. So my boys play together from upstairs and downstairs lol. So is there anything significantly better about the disk version? The download just got an update last week.
Doesn't look like the disc version will get bonus content so...

Pros of disc version:
  • Can trade in/sell/give away disc version when it gets boring/old/played out.
  • Yours forever, regardless of console/multiplayer/network status (EOL, network outages, etc.)
  • No super huge mega download required (only need to install game data from disc, and download updates/patches)

Cons of disc version:
  • Typically slower loading/refresh times with disc based games.
  • Impossible to "streamline" updates to permanently pressed discs (unlike digital version while can be packed with all updates/enhancements so if you ever re-download, it's only one shot)
  • Cannot "share" game simultaneously like hard drive/memory unit based arcade games
  • Prone to physical damage/scratches/getting lost
  • Have to remove/insert disc
  • Costs actual $$$ (unlike the arcade download version can be had for 1600 points, and points have been on sale as much as half off in the past)
  • Delayed

Especially in your case (with game sharing between consoles/profiles), the digital version is your best choice.