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Quote from Coolstrategist View Post : appears you are protesting too much. Based on your comment you would legitimately only be able to use this one time a year for a savings of about $4. Since you seem so bothered I will assume you felt it was ok for your abuse...just not for "rampant abuse". Lol

Bottom line, it is a good and real deal for those that qualify. Who the heck is concerned about those that don't qualify? Slickdeals is full of deals that require some level of "qualification.

Also, for those that actually can reason as opposed to react with ludicrous comments, all AMC has to do is ask for proof of B-day like many other establishments. They would not kill the perk. Which leads us back to the truth of my first paragraph. Lol

Exhibit A -

I rest my case
Hey I never said I didn't abuse it, but I'll only use it every once in a while. I was implying that there are many others on SD that would abuse it even more often, printing out copies for family/friends, etc. The link would get passed on and spread quickly, which would bring it to AMC's attention. They wouldn't notice it if a few people did it, but if so many others were using this coupon, there's a good chance they'll take it down. This is what I meant by "rampant abuse". And I was not saying they would kill the free b-day drink offer outright, I was saying they would kill the link with the refreshing expiration date because anyone can abuse that coupon since it has no personal info on it. Of course I know they can just start enforcing employees to check ID's more often, but they can still kill this link. And yes, they will kill it.

Exhibit A -

And who's to say that you yourself haven't abused this coupon? Why would you even post the link for someone else that asks when you don't even have proof that it's their b-day either? I'm alright with abusing it, I simply wanted less attention on the link so there would be less chance of them taking it down. It's not like I was trying to turn this into some kind of a morality issue about coupon abuse. You need to chill out bro, lol.