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Quote from iRun View Post :
Dude I had the same problem. Its sitting in my living room now with a cloth over it. Did you ever send it into repair or have someone come in to fix it? What did you do with yours?

That's really interesting. Mine had the black screen of death about a year ago and we considered repairing it. However one of the repair companies associated with repairing at home etc is charing 250-400? Obviously you can get a tv for around that price nowadays. How much did you pay to repair etc?
I deal with electronics on a daily basis. More on the commercial/business side of things nowadays, but when I used to do residential and go into up to 10 homes a day and I would see/hear stories about Vizios left and right having to be repaired or just sitting around because it was too expensive to repair it.

Everyone one of them had to do with the screen not coming on any more. Lights would turn on, but no screen, majority of them were just outside their warranty too.
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