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Quote from rbcrewser View Post :
I hope you realize that in just about every state, even if you're not charged sales tax on an Internet purchase, you ARE required to declare those out of state taxable purchases on your state income tax return?

And you can be sure the day is coming when Amazon will be required to start collecting it. In fact there's legislation pending in numerous states to that effect along with all the international focus on amazon for avoiding income tax. Sometime it might be smarter in the long run to ensure that there is some competition left for amazon once that all occurs.

So for those of us who aren't tax cheats, sales tax isn't a deciding factor as it applies to all of our purchases.
Yes, I do indeed realize that sales tax for out of state purchases is a listed item on state income taxes that most people do not fill in. Also, Amazon will begin collecting tax in my state this coming November due to them locating part of their business here. It is unfortunate.

P.S. Almost everyone that purchases from the internet IS in fact a sales tax cheat, even if it is inadvertent. Legally there is no excuse for being ignorant of the law, therefore even if people "did not realize" the fact that one must pay sales tax in their own state even if they purchased a good in another state(yes, even if you are visiting that state physically), they are still guilty.