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ARGH! I saw this this morning and was going to buy it later and now it is dead Frown

Quote from Boba The Hut View Post :
Maybe it's the PS3 community and the people I encounter, but this game doesn't require much skill or much practice. It's a who-see-who-first-wins type of game. NO SKILL. I got bored of it quickly.

I was rocking a 1.30 KDR on the max level (I think 55 no legacy) which is a lot higher than most of the PS3 players. I think that's a pretty good KDR, considering this is the first FPS I've bought and played.

NO SKILL game.
You forgot to mention that whoever has the least lag wins. Plenty of times I am killed by people before they are shown on my screen. It doesn't matter how fast your connection is, it matters how good the host's connection is.

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