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Quote from dealmonkey View Post :
I just discovered the whole white vs black modem thing. Reading that review on Amazon is what made me do research, I thought it sounded fishy. I offered $69 to amodems on ebay, they accepted. After doing this I discovered about the no warranty thing. I emailed the seller and he said its correct, no warranty from Motorola but he offers a 60 day warranty. Now I am debating if a retail version is worth $30+ for the 1 year warranty. Just like sklar, Ive had (3) different Motorola Surfboard modems since cable internet came out, all still "work".
I bought this deal last week from (former when it was for 65$. It arrived couple of days ago.
Was in brown box with Motorola log etc, from packaging etc. looks like brand new and also said "New" in the receipt etc.
Called comcast to register it It took talking to 2 different people as first lady tried to transfer me to more advanced technical support and at that time my call was dropped. But eventually go connected to right person. Took about 30 minutes to get everything running.
Modem itself is great.
My download speed bumped up from 12 with my old Docsis 2.0 modem to 22 MBps. Not a bad jump. Upload did not change a whole lot and stayed around same (may be slight bump from 4MBps to 4.5MB). I have "performance" grade service from comcast.
Also my old modem, during peak hours, would drop to around 8 MBps. This one stays consistent (may be due to bonded channels)
Lets put end to this "Black modems are refurbed" nonsense. Mine is black but still valid retail version.
I asked comcast guys and they confirmed that it has latest firmware and boot file etc.
Not sure about warranty, but considering 65$ electronic item and from past experience, these modems usually last several years, to me, 1 months seller warranty is ok.