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Walker Quiet-Flow Muffler - Free After Rebate w/ Store Pick-up or $11 Shipping **AND MORE! MUFFLERS AND CATALYTIC CONVERTERS!**
I was searching for a rebate offer to stack with the Advanced Auto Parts $40 off $100 (thanks yuugotserved) and I saw the Walker rebate of Catalytic Converters and Mufflers.

Walker Rebate []: $50 Visa Prepaid Card Rebate for the purchase of a qualifying muffler or catalytic converter, or $100 Visa Prepaid Card Rebate for the purchase of both a muffler and catalytic converter.

There are many deals you can build between the $40 off and the rebate, but since I do not need either of these I will give you the easiest one and the rest of you can build on it...

Be sure you are purchasing qualifying products, I called 1-800-619-4703 on the rebate form and referenced Dept# TN12-9123 to check on this one product and they can let you know if any others qualify. (The guy at the rebate center even said thanks for the info because he is going to get one now)

Here is deal #1, I will post it in the WIKI so when you build a better deal you can add it to the list:

Walker Quiet-Flow SS Stainless Steel Direct-Fit Muffler [] - $47.99 + $11 shipping -$50 rebate = $9 shipped! (or make $2.00 if you can do store pick-up)


1) The rebate center stated that even if I pay less than $50 for the part I should still get the full $50 rebate, so you can make money on this deal.

2) The rebate form #6 states that the Walker COnsumer Offer may not be combines with any other discount, offer or reabte. So, this deal should stack with the $40 off, but there is no guarantee, I will let those more experienced with these rebates comment on that.

3) Rapid-Rebates looks like they are handling this one, and from my expereince in the past they are slow and not very responsive.

4) Also, don't forget that if you get a deal on a Catalytic Converter and do not want/need it you can always scrap it for the preciouse metals inside and make a little more money.

5) The big deals will be if you purchase both the muffler and cat, use the $40 off and the $100 rebate.

I can't wait to see what SDers come-up with! Have Fun!
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