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Quote from jromankvcc View Post :
P.S.- I had in mind getting this tablet. I just sold all my tablets. The only one left is the Nexus 7, and, to my surprise, a newcomer that we found at BestBuy a couple weeks back: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

I don't think I've ever been happier about a tablet. I'd love to have an FHD screen, I'll say that, but this is just amazing. It cost me $250 (refurbished open box) which is why we even thought about getting it in the first place, and never been happier.

With that being said, I just sold my TF101 + dock for $265 on Craigslist, and I had been thinking about replacing it with the TF700.

Can anybody here give me pros/cons TF700 vs Note 10.1? the Note 10.1 came with USB port, and I already know "dock has battery, usb, sd card, keyboard, mouse", which is the only thing I'm missing.

I have the ATIV 500T and I've never been more unhappy about a tablet, in the other hand. Something eats up the battery, so I can't even let it sleep because, well, it'll die in a few short hours. I find it too big. I'm guessing 10~" might be the sweet point for touch, though I love the keyboard. It came with a bright pixel, as well. It is being returned. The replacement will arrive tomorrow. All in all, no issues with the dock (oddly enough, since everyone seemed to complain about that).

I was just surprised how much I liked the Note 10.1 vs how much I disliked the ATIV 500T (and they look almost identical)

oh, pro on Note 10.1, out the bat, Peel app...
TF700 has the slightly faster processor and of course better screen resolution. Fragmentation issues still exist (again rooting would help with some of that). The note has the S pen which is probably the game changer right there if you really put it to full use. Then there's the 2gb of memory for the Note as well. Of course you will have to sacrifice screen resolution. Other points would be TF700 feels much more premium than the plasticky feel on the Note. Asus also get its update faster than Samsung. I say other than Google's own product, Asus's products probably the fastest to get android update. There are however, lot of reports of QC issues on the TF700. Just read all the horror stories on amazon and other websites regarding all kind of QC issues Asus has with the screen.