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As a PSA for those that are ordering, as soon as you get these drives, RUN THE WESTERN DIGITAL LIFE GUARD TOOLS ON THE DRIVE. (this will work with all WD models)

I ordered 2 of these exact drives from NewEgg and they BOTH were DOA. I know there are a lot of concerns with NewEgg shipping practices, but these were packed very well, I thought.

I would suggest running a quick scan and then a full scan on any WD drive you get. 3TB drives will take about 10-12 hours to scan fully, but its worth it. I get my RMA RED drives tomorrow, and I just pray they are OK. I ordered them about a month ago and I have 0 days of use on my new NAS. Awesome.

I'm not sure if it is this specific size/model, but I have 2 Red 2TB drives and those both checked out OK with the scan. Read the NewEgg reviews as well as the Amazon reviews. DOA is normal with most electronics, but the Reds seem to have it bad. Too bad too, as they seem like such a great idea for us home users.

Good Luck!