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Quote from webculb View Post :
The best party IMO is the story line and the Social Link Storylines. Yes the combat is pretty basic. If you spend more than one day in the TV for each section your playing it wrong.Wink
i assume you play on easy or very easy?

i started on Normal for my first play through, and the second and third dungeon are hard like hell. it is difficult, if not impossible, to clear those two sections in one day. (well, it might be possible should i know how easy the game became so i don't have to conserve my resources)

But, this game gets ridiculously easy later on. and by ridiculous, i mean ridiculous (i can beat all enemies, except the final boss, with my eyes closed starting with the fourth dungeon). i don't believe there is another game that i have played in my life comes close to the easiness of this game.

overall, very good story telling, very good voice. okay combat, silly difficulty, huge content. given the platform (Vita), i say it is a must buy just for the content alone.