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Quote from dukpoki View Post :
so if there's a drive that has 1 star out of 5 in 5 different websites you will still get it because the hunch from the bad ratings aren't scientific???

In statistics you don't get causation, you get correlation; meaning that you get what you screen for. If you screen for a drive that has good ratings. You'll get one that has good ratings. But that is all you'll get.

Quote :
True, it's good to mix it up. But every seagate i had failures in the past while with WD, zero. I think once you've experienced that then it's okay to avoid seagate. Smilie
Whatever works for you.

Quote from Waller View Post :
And science is just a large N of anecdotal evidence. Don't look now, but I think there are trees in that forest.
That maybe your idea of science, but that is not what science is.

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