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Quote from sgong33 View Post :
Did this Wheaton location open already? was it a zoo? any other grand opening deals?
It opened last Friday (April 12th).

Yes, from what I have heard from the people working there who I chatted with, it was indeed a zoo that weekend. It has since calmed down markedly, but there is still a rush around 7pm - close.

Quite a few other deals, though none that I recall the details of, I'm afraid.

Quote from stubbornboy View Post :
I do have a blendtec I bought from Costco on this same deal few months back. It is awesome, but sometimes I wonder if it really has a practical advantage over Ninja which is around $200 cheaper if all you are doing is crushed ice smoothies etc.
Indeed, though I'd say that this is more a case of simply making sure that you get the right tool for the right job. The Blendtec does way crazy more than the Ninja, but if all you're doing is making smoothies, the Ninja will probably be fine for you. I also definitely prefer the Blendtec smoothies, but that's because I find "chunkiness" very offputting, but I recognize that I am probably in the minority in this respect. By that same token I'd also say that if all you're making is milkshakes, the $20 Target model will do you just fine. Smilie

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