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Quote from hajalie24 View Post :
Is the first activation a free trial or does it cost something?
It's not a trial but the first year is included.

Quote from ianko66 View Post :
How are the rebates (as well as the subscription cancelling) with these guys? I would bite, but I don't want to get screwed out of $70...
I would get this but I already submitted this rebate for another bundle (Nexus 7). You may find this post helpful:
Quote from bb182 View Post :
Most of the Total Defense horror stories that you hear about were handled by a different rebate processor. Current Total Defense (TDI) rebates are nearly as reliable as TigerDirect (TD) rebates. Both are processed by 4MyRebate and have a quick turnaround time, although you do have a few more hoops to jump through for this TDI rebate.

You are supposed to have to activate the software. I don't know if they normally check but it would be stupid for you not to activate it. Activation can be done on their website (here for this product []). Installation is not required for activation*. Activation involves signing up to have your subscription auto-renew in a year. Your first year is already included. You will not be charged for one year but they will authorize your card for $1 (this is not a charge and will go away in a week or so). Immediately after activation you can cancel auto-renew without affecting the rebate ("Cancel Automatic Renewal Service" [] on your account page).

* Neither activation nor the rebate require installation. There is a very small chance that not installing will result in your rebate getting stuck. Recent reports indicate that this will not happen but I can't personally vouch for them. If you are able to create a new virtual machine and install the software in under 5 minutes then you may want to do so. Otherwise my recommendation is to not bother installing.

(My first copy wasn't installed and seemed to get stuck in the documentation received state, but I don't think that was why. That was probably TDI's first rebate through 4MyRebate and it was also during the holidays when everything was taking forever. When I called the rep happened to mention that it was activated but not installed while he was approving it. Activation is all that is required. I did install subsequent copies in VMs and the rebates were all approved within the normal 4MyRebate time frame.)

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