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Quote from dQn View Post :
So should i get vitamix or blendtec?
Personally, I was gung ho to get a Blendtec - partially because they are a "local" company to me and partially because of reviews.

However, I've been somewhat swayed to the Vitamix side of things as of late.

The newer Vitamix (7500 etc) pretty much has removed all of the "issues" I had with Vitamix and tends to be a bit quieter.

Initially the tamper seemed like a real downside, but it's not that hard to wash and isn't truly needed every time, but sometimes it simply speeds things up. A Blendtec is said to never need a tamper, and that may be true, but if you can finish blending something with a Vitamix and a tamper in 20 seconds or in a Blendtec in 2 minutes without a tamper, which is preferable?

Also, I like that the Vitamix can go slower (a LOT slower) than the Blendtec. Sometimes that's nice.

You can also get a Wildside jar from Blendtec that fits the Vitamix if you truly find it to be superior.

Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with either, but at this point I am leaning Vitamix (unless I can get one of the Blendtec refurbs for $159 like last month, then I'll just do that.)

But that's just me.