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Quote from smeesmay View Post :
this would be a deal of a lifetime if it had a chest sensor
hmmm, trolling or failed reading comprehension... Let's go with the later as that's not a great troll post. (but a very good example of a failed reading comprehension post, good job!)

Um.... it *DOES* that's the oval looking thing in the picture next to the watch (that the watch is SITTING in). Or you know, in the title when it says "WITH HEART RATE SENSOR" it usually suggests there's you know, a heart rate sensor?

Though view the amazon reviews, it's not a great CHEST HEART RATE SENSOR... but none of them really are.... it should be fine for a no frills HR monitoring for those that like CHEST HEART RATE SENSORS.

Sorry, want to make sure I'm not being too subtle, if I am, I'm sorry. Just want you to know it comes with a ....


and that sensor goes on your leg... no... scratch that. Neck! Nope... oh right. on your CHEST.. making it. You guessed it, a chest heart rate sensor that's usually about this price.