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Quote from yarnim View Post :
I've had series 9 from its 1st gen to 2nd, and to this new x3c, 1st gen was really just meh..
I have not yet received the x3c yet,

but from the 2nd gen on, its just by far the besssssstest ultrabook ive had.

though resolution might lack compared to asus 1080p, the 900p it offers is still pretty nice, and honestly, i just love how bright and beautiful the screen is. Besides, 900p is really the sweetspot for any screen this size. Anyhow, its screen was probably brighter and crispier with screen brightness turned all the way down, than my x220 (IPS screen btw) screen turned all the way up. Asus screen is just as nice, but there was just something to this PLS screen that samsung offers in series 9 that I just cant let go. just LOVEEEE it.

The keyboard frigging sux on it though. I mean as far as registering keys and what not theres no issues, but just how shallow it is, esp when I was spoiled with my thinkpad (had numerous thinkpads in the past besides the x220) and macbooks keyboard..

However, but one thing I REALLLy enjoy about its keyboard is the backlight that lights up very lightly creating a green ambience. Some people seem to not like it and prefer the bright and obvious white light leaking out crazy from the keys like the macbook, but I really love this light green back light. Acer's most recent touch ultrabook I think straight carbon copied the complete series 9 design honestly.

Anyhow, what really got me sticking with the series 9 while it is more expensive than these asus and other models, is the overall build, feel and design of the laptop. It just looks feels much more premium than way too flashy asus (personal preference).
I think I am going to feel the same way about the design, I'm looking for the thinest, lightest longest lasting laptop on the market, x3c seem to fit the bill perfectly, I am just a bit nerved by the keyboard... is it that shallow... I have an asus transformer prime and the keyboard SUCKS, I can't stand typing on that thing.
I am looking debating between x3c, lenovo carbon, or macbook air.

I can't seem to choose... :S I want thin but also a good keyboard