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Quote from dodgeball View Post :
Yeah, re-posting the inserts in the Target thread may have made sense when it was in Deal Talk forum, but now that the Target thread is in DS forum, where each week's inserts are posted already in a separate thread, there's a real problem for anyone trying to search the DS forum for deals on individual coupons. The search results end up with those pesky insert re-posts in the Target thread instead of actual deals for the coupons. Facepalm
You're talking about the threads that are weekly Previews of the coupons in each insert? I didn't know there was always one of those posted.
What I need most here is a place to be able to quickly tell if a certain week from the past has ALL expired ones in it, so I can get rid of all my inserts from that week. There is a thread here for last expired date, or something like that, but it hasn't been updated since around October of last year. Is there another thread like that I don't know about? And if not, I'm wondering why whoever posts the previews doesn't copy and paste the name of the coupon with the oldest expiration date and add it to the wiki there every week. It's only one date that would have to be added to the other thread, couldn't take too much longer than posting the coupons in a separate thread does, and it would be extremely helpful to those of us who keep inserts separately week by week. I know there are other sites that have a resource like that, but I'd rather do everything on SD instead of having to go to other places.