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Great deal. I got this same PC from Costco last August/Sept for $599 +$30 shipping + tax. Only difference was mine came with Windows 7, this one comes with Windows 8.

It's a great computer. It didn't come with a graphics card, but that's good imo. Adding a crappy video card would have only increased the price of the PC and I would have replaced it with a better one anyway. I ended up installing an EVGA GTX 660 SC in this PC. runs great. EDIT: Should mention I also updgrade my power supply to a Corsiar 500 wat PSU. The PSU that comes with this PC is only 300 watts and won't power anything more powerful than a Radeon 7750.

P.s. I UPGRADED to Windows 8 Pro, imo it's much better than Win 7, Don't let the haters tell you it's a bad OS and try it for yourself. With the new SSD I installed soon after I bought this, my boot times are 5-7 seconds on average (this is from pressing the power button from fully off to being signed into my desktop/metro). Windows 8 is MUCH snappier than Windows 7 and easier to use imo (I'm using a mouse, not touch). The Taskbar in Windows 8 is freaking awesome.

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