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Quote from matthewf01 View Post :
You mentioned XBMC.... reading the beginning of your paragraph before you said XBMC I was actually going to suggest Plex Media Server, another great use for this home server build. I'm currently running Plex off my desktop and feeding a number of clients, and plan to migrate that function over to the NAS/server once I build. There's a Plex app for my Samsung TV, and there's plex for Apple TV, Roku, and tons of other devices... so cost of entry would be very low if you want to add some 'smart tv' functionality to your TV downstairs if it has none. I actually just set up "Rasplex" for my bedroom TV... which runs a Plex client off a $35 Raspberry Pi with a USB wireless N adapter. Just two plugs coming out of it: one going HDMI into the TV, and one USB which actually plugs into a USB port on the TV and sends enough power to not require a wall wart Smilie
Plex is forked off XBMC, but I think their media detection engine is pretty rock-solid compared to XBMC, and it's just as extensible. If you aren't already wired into XBMC, try them both out.
I also run an app called Serviio, solely for it's very simple DLNA sharing. There's DLNA support built into windows that's part of Media Player, but it sucks, creates too many subfolders when you browse from a DLNA device (such as a Samsung TV with 'AllShare')... but Serviio let's you control what categorization folders to expose to devices browsing. Basically, I run it as a backup to Plex.... if Plex has some issue/crashes/is slow for some reason, rather than frustrating my fiance while trying to troubleshoot, I just cut over to using the DLNA client built into the TV instead of the Plex app. I have it configured to point to the very same folders Plex monitors for media. I don't use it often but its a nice backup to have around. Any DLNA device you could plug into your TV would support this.

Re: shutting down, etc --- you could configure all your network devices for Wake-On-LAN, that's one option. Other option is just enable Windows' Hybrid Sleep feature... it sips very little power and is pretty much instant-on. Windows 7 and 8 both support very low-power sleep states. I know unRAID is smart about spinning your disks down when idle, but Windows can be configured to do the same, and I think FlexRAID even has some power management settings of its own to let you get more granular.

I could keep making recommendations all night Smilie If you're a uTorrent user, I'm also doing some really cool stuff with an app called FileBot, which has allowed me to set up a fully automated TV show downloader/file extractor/file renamer/file copier process. As a bonus, after it finishes running its magic, it even phones up my Plex instance and triggers him to rescan his library for new media Smilie Way cool.
Very good point on the Plex media player.. really new to these apps as right now I just control my mac mini as my htpc beside the tv with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I used to use my dns 323 nas but it's too slow to stream or at least the last time I tried. Reading some forums and articles, I found out that yes I can run Plex on it, run an app like Remote Buddy then connect to my NAS and use a remote (iPhone, android or ipad or even apple or PS3 remote) to control Plex running inside mac mini. It's just I'm not sure if my old 2ghz mac mini can play 1080p videos to my tv, i think I've tried 720p before and it was ok. If it's no good, I may get Roku or Apple tv to give my tv some smart tv functionality next time. My old ps3 shld work as my front end for now.

I'm still looking for FlexRaid's feature that spins down the hdds automatically when not in use. I can't seem to find a definite answer in forums though some swear FR spins down hdds automatically. I think it's more of a controller function. Also read that Windows got some bug or needs an updated driver to make it work. Needs more reading on this. I still have time as haven't received the hdds yet.

Something new to learn each day. =))