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Satisfied Crashplan user for multiple years. Over two million files and >2TB with them.

Key advantages that Crashplan does, that other backup companies don't:
- Combined online/friend/local backup features, in one app. No more setting up different programs with cron, rsync, etc to do this.
- Multiplatform. Using the same program for my windows machine, a friend's Mac, and my Debian VPS is so awesome.
- Incremental, versioned backup. Does true block-by-block diff, so that entire files don't get reuploaded. (I believe this works for truecrypt archives too). It certainly works for VM images.
- Account-wide dedupe. Not to be confused with global dedupe (see my Bitcasa comment).
- Lenient default "deleted files" retention (by default, forever, until you do a reselection)
- Option for separate private key passwords (which I use) or separate private key (for the truly paranoid). However, I will still recommend Truecrypt for anything sensitive (this applies to all backup solutions, local/online/friend).

Of course, there are some disadvantages:
- Slow, if your connection is slow. Nothing you can do about that.
- Program gets a little awkward with absolutely massive datasets (again, over a million files here). You'll have to increase the Java memory limit.
- Search feature is not very good. I browse the directories manually instead.
- Deleted files are not retained if you reselect your backup sets. (no other competing program retains them either).
- Quite a memory hog. I have 32GB, so I don't really care.

Overall, I'd recommend them over any of the other online backup solutions (mozy, backblaze, carbonite are the big ones). I've heard good things about SpiderOak also though (particularly their security), check them out too: I wouldn't use Bitcasa [], convergent encryption [] is a fundamentally flawed scheme.

As for upload speed, Comcast just bumped me up to 50/10 for free, and I regularly stream 6-8 mbps to them. Accounting for file scanning time, that's 40-50GB/day.

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