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"Simple rough math calculations can extrapolate that a write load of 10GB per day would result in a worst-case expected lifetime of 7 years for a 256GB TLC SSD."

"In real-world usage, this lower write endurance is not really a big issue, however. Per my rough calculations, if you write/rewrite about 10GB of data daily, it would still takes about 7 years for a 250GB Samsung 840 series drive to run out of P/E cycles. Most of us don't write 10GB per day, at least not every day."


However, HardOCP found that the read speed of the 120 GB model plummeted during testing, because of the poor longevity of TLC NAND. While the drive did not fail, the speed wasn't good. HardOCP said the 120 GB drive is not recommended due to the low endurance of TLC.

TLC NAND also uses more power due to higher voltage requirements.

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