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Sweet. I was going to wait for the 100% trade promo at Best Buy to come back to trade my copy I got them to match Amazon's DOTD for $41.99 on. But I'll take $34 for it in trade right now rather than wait a week and watch the BB value plummet if the 100% comes back.
Quote from SelfRighteousDbag(Romeo from CAG) :
From my own experiences, he uses and abuses the sites he is a member of. He cares about no one but himself. If there's a deal ANYWHERE, he is the person to buy 100x of whatever it is to resell for profit, and usually get the deal pulled or canceled.

He lives near me. A couple years ago, he bought five copies of a game on clearance at target closest to me. Bragged about it here then soon found out the trade value wasn't worth a 'flip'. When I called him on it for being a scumbag for buying out the stock, he PM'ed me and told me he would now purposely return them to a target far away from me so I can't get a copy for myself.
Whine more, please.