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Quote from dj111 View Post :
Any insight onto the 1.4 vs. the 40mm pancake lens on a crop body? I picked up the pancake to supplement my kit lens (T2i) and I'm assuming that I'm good to go for awhile while I learn (complete beginner).
I happened to have used 40mm pancake on cropped and full frame camera, and 50 1.4 of canon and a good copy of sigma. the 40mm pancake is among the most sharpest lenses that Canon made, it is even sharper than my L lens (24-105) w wide open. IMHO 50 1.4 canon is too soft below f2, so you get usable aperture about 1 more stop than 40 2.8. you would prolly not be so impressed by the sharpness when you get this 50 1.4. The field of view is very similar, and great for portrait. if you by this 50 1.4, you'll get faster focus, focus distance marker, and again, tighter FOV and soft wide open. yea for sure if you stop down to f2.8 it will be as sharp, but note that the shape of aperture blades on a 50 1.4 will not be as circular as 40 full open.