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Quote from DJPlayer View Post :
I'm surprised to see people swoon over a model that came out slightly more than 10 years ago..

just google in the model and look at images.

Here's a shot of it from the side coming off the wrist.

the most comparable thing I can think off is strapping a brick to your wrist. I suppose if you're a bike rider and not moving your arms.. that's fine.. but otherwise.. opt for one of the several other Garmin newer models which were completely redesigned after this model.

I have owned a 405 for about 5 years. besides the bezel issue and sweat it works great. It's been on sale numerous times in the past year or so for under $200.
5 years is good. My 305 lasted a little over 2. My 110 was replaced under warranty after 10 months. Its now at 18 months so Im starting to wonder if it will need replacing soon. I really like the size of the 110 though.