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Wave Good morning sunshines! Wave

Today is going to be a good day. Today is going to be a good day. If I repeat it enough times, it has to come true....right? Well, at least today started on a good note... I can eat Yahoo!! It's amazing how much better your day can be just getting a little oatmeal and hot tea in your belly. Now to knock out this recap!

RECAP for Monday, April 22


Quote from lachie View Post :
Saw GC sign for Buy 2 Get $5 GC of Bayer, Excedrin, Advil and something else-$4.99-16.99 Good deal if what you want is cheap and has coupons. Didn't get end date as I was in a hurry since we're having a mini blizzard--again.

Quote from vc318 View Post :
Please be careful in the blizzard, lachie.

According to TT, there's also a $1.50 coupon if you "like" Advil on Facebook. You can print 2 coupons. Just did the deal and went through fine.
GC deal until 4/27 (this has been going on for a couple of weeks) Buy 3 Planters nuts 10 to 16.25 oz get $5 GC

Men's Hanes sweats are 70% at about 2.38 for the pants
Quote from mofome View Post :
Quaker Life Cereal is on TPC for $2.75. There's a 75¢ TQ and 75¢ MQ peelies making it $1.25 a box.
Quote from vc318 View Post :
I also picked up the Gerber Graduates formula, which is on TPC for $20.39, and paid $12.29 after the $3 MQ and 25% off TQ. And I just realized that I have to return it because my baby is only 3 months old and this type of formula is only for 9-24 months. Worst part is that it'll probably get thrown out when I exchange it.

Quote from thinkbeforeyouspeak View Post :
I didn't buy any, but I did see girls Cherokee pants (kind of like a jeggings material) on clearance for $3.38. I didn't try the coupon, but could make for some cheapie pants (we rarely wear pants here, lol).
^^ My dd could be your best friend... she hates wearing pants too! Stick Out Tongue

Quote from earthgrrl View Post :
Another poster mentioned this a couple weeks back, but it didn't go clearance here until this week: Lego Life of George blocks/app for $8.98 down from $29.99. A friend and I happened to bump into each other near the end-cap and got the last two at our store, but may be worth a look if you idn't seem them earlier. Also, lots of $0.88 La La Loopsy puzzles in bags, and tons of Squinkies, whatever are those are supposed to be...
Quote from vc318 View Post :
The Princess camera and Atari Arcade game that I reported yesterday were marked further down today to $14.98.
Quote from saad1 View Post :
Lots of stuff in electronics marked down- TVs at 40% off- Samsung LCD 46 in, LG LED, close to $400 and up after discount. Lots of TVs, those were the only two I noticed. Headphones, iPad cases, just tons of stuff. All 50-70 %. I had to drag my husband away- for once he was the one trying to buy stuff we didn't need. the only thing we got was a copy of wii wipeout at 8.98.
Quote from gandara.m View Post :
Some of the computer mice(?),speakers, and earbuds, FINALLY went to 70% and 50%. A couple of T.V.s went 30%. One was a 32" Maganavox with dvd built in. Under $200, but I didn't get DPCI.
(I need to save up for a newER car-I have to keep repeating this to my self )

Quote from kims01 View Post :
The 4/2 kids tq beeped for me. I had one non clearanced shirt that was on sale for $6 and then one clearanced shirt, both were from the girls section. She did finally push it through though.
Quote from PixieDreamZ View Post :
Bought 2 of the $1.78 tee from clearance kids section and the $4/2 kids apparel coupon autoed for $3.56!!!! If you can find the UNO card game near the register with $5 coupon that exp 12/31 it's a $2.45 MM with $3 TQ. I had one last one from Dec time around and both coupon went thru!!!
Quote from MSTHANGDR View Post :
has anyone tried the flip flop coupon?
Quote from imm93 View Post :
Tried 2.50 flip flip TQ beepless...also tried girls printed 30% 1.98 and it beeped on those.

Quote from PixieDreamZ View Post :
Is anyone getting $10 GC for prescription cat or mailer? It's been over a yr that I got one.....I'm badly in need about 4 to 5 of them! I'm gonna put ISO for them in trading thread and hopefully someone will have them.
Well, that recap was short and sweet! I'll be typing up the weekly ad for Wiki #2 during lunch, so maybe I can find some more decent deals then. If not, me thinks it's time for a Target scavenger hunt! Pirate

Have a fantabulous day! And thank you all again for the kind words hug, I really appreciated them Heart.

Toodles! Bye