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Quote from Tryin2GetBy View Post :
New dslr user here... bought a pentax k5 but need a better zoom to take pix of my kids playing indoor sports. Since I'm just a mom looking to get some good pix, can someone please tell me a good lens to get the pix I want without breaking the bank?
Pentax was the wrong choice if money is a concern. The advantage of Pentax is that you can buy any lens made in the last thirtysomething years and it will work -- but most of the cheap lenses are older, manual-focus lenses. There just aren't cheap decent-quality lenses available for Pentax.....which is why I finally sold my Pentax K10D and accessories and bought a refurbished Canon T3i. I'm just an amateur, so the 50mm 1.8 and the 55-250mm lenses are perfect for my needs....and both of them together were less than what I was going to spend on any one similar lens for Pentax. It got frustrating, so I made the move. It's not that Pentax makes bad cameras -- on the contrary, my K10 was a lot more camera than I paid for I thought. But the glass was just too expensive for a hobby. I can't justify spending more than $700 on a lens unless I'm getting paid to use it. Just my two cents.