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Quote from shnitz View Post :
This is a great lens. Small, light, and just like the 18-55mm, while you do get less features or build quality compared to the more expensive lenses, you still get very impressive image quality. Look at what people are achieving with this lens:
I took it because I wanted a lightweight setup for this weekend's MotoGP in Austin, and it does not disappoint, but that bright Texas sun would make any lens shine! Which brings up what you really lose compared to lenses like the 70-200mm f/2.8: you need to be in sunlight to be able to keep your shutter speed up.
i dont disagree that those pictures are awesome but in general, Flickr "enhances" images that are uploaded to their website. without any post processing, one can see tat the same flickr image is different than the one that is on your computer.