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Quote from Oh.Y.Not View Post :
Also happy with mine, jumped in at the previous 2gb/50gb/2tb @ $40/yr deal. Wonder how long can they keep this up though, pretty much everyone's consensus was that they wouldn't be making a lot of money without seriously over provisioning the nodes at this ridiculously low price.
There are so many things in life that are oversubscribed that we take for granted, because they still work. Phones. Ever try to make a phone call after an earthquake? Roads. Ever try to get on the freeway the same time as everyone else? Oh yeah, they call that rush hour. Ethernet is based on detecting packet collisions during busy times. Do these concerns come into play when you're shopping for a smartphone, car, or router? No. But lets all stay up at night worrying if urlhasbeenblocked is oversubscribing things at this price point.

I guarantee anyone on my nodes there is awful happy with the amount of resources I'm not hogging. LMAO
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