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Quote from LuncheonMeat View Post :
I am pretty sure this is made by Fontignac

Edit: maybe not, the lid looks the same but the handles are different.
Actually it's probably made by Staub, which is part of the Henckels family of companies (which also includes Fontignac... Henckels is everywhere these days... they also own Demeyere).

I found this deal on my own--been waiting for it to go on clearance for a while now and examined it carefully in the store. The enamel is thinner than regular Staub (fewer layers of external enamel, it looks like...), and there appears to be more lax quality control with higher chance of dings, but at this price I had to pick one up.

The handles are almost identical if not identical to the Staub Basix line (discontinued by QVC), so I think this is made by Staub.

Btw for those who don't know, Staub is better than Le Creuset in many ways and is more popular among European chefs than Le Creuset from what I understand. The self-basting dimples up top, Staub's black enamel can take seasoning unlike Le Creuset, the handles are metal unlike Le Creuset which for the longest time insisted on using rubbery stuff that couldn't take heat past 375F very well, and both are made in France with lifetime warranties. Personally I won't touch Le Creuset these days, their stuff being priced more and lesser quality than Staub.

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