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Quote from MrCrispy View Post :
Is it worth buying this if you have an Android phone? I know my phone will use data and it can only cache limited areas unlike a standalone gps unit. I'm not sure how the nav software compares to google maps.
Quote from funsource View Post :
I was thinking the same, but its very difficult to position it properly and uses up battery really fast. There is a good map app for Andriod called CoPilot, works great.
I have always used a standalone GPS in the past with good results, tomtom then garmin I have both.

I recently got an android phone and have been trying to use the free bundled google maps/navigation including on a recent business trip.It works pretty well overall. Several times now I've had it seem to get confused and route me in some big loop around the destination wasting gas and time. I haven't yet figured out why sometimes it gets me right there and sometimes takes the "scenic route". If you knoiw the area at a high level but need detailed help then you may know not to let it lead you down a rabbit hole, seemingly some sort of failure in rerouting but don't know why, Maybe loss of data or GPS signal that I can't see? Dunno.

On my last trip I was in an area I'd never been to and wanted to see if I could do it all with google navigation. I had my garmin in my backpack as a last resort but ended not using it. I did get very frustrated twice though when the re-routing seemed to go wacko and not take the straightest path. Once it took me to the wrong place and said I had arrived at the right one! Not! Tomtom did that to me once as well went I first got it but not Garmin. Google nav also took me over a toll bridge I didn't want to go over but that was my fault for not setting it to avoid tolls, didn't even occur to me until I was staring at the toll booth forking over $5, Frown So my test had mixed results, sometimes very good, sometimes inexplicably bad. I'd say google maps/nav is a valuable tool for non-critical trips or when you have nothing else - to have a GPS in your hand when you didn't expect to need one is very cool! But I'll probably either go back to my dedicated GPS or look for other android GPS software for critical trips. Well, unless I figure out what is wrong with google nav which seems unlikely at this point. Luckily on this trip it didn't fail me the times I HAD to be somewhere by a certain time but seems like it could have and I can't afford to roll the dice that way.

I also have had trouble getting it positioned properly where I can see/hear it and it can get a GPS signal. In our van I can just set it on my leg and that works fine. In other cars, including the rental call I had recently, it would lose the GPS signal if I tried that. I found a location where I could sort of use it but would slip out of place often. So need to find some answer to that, at least tape or velco hah or a mount like the "roadster smartphone sticky pad dash mount" which was recommended to me, or something similar. As for battery I got a car charger so I don't have to worry about that. Without a charger, or a larger battery, having the sceen on drains my battery pretty fast. Turning the screen off and just using voice directions isn't so bad on battery but less than ideal for navigation help. I haven't tried copilot yet. I did try navfree which works pretty well sometimes but at times can't even find a route to the destination. Promising but has issues.

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