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Quote from DJPlayer View Post :
pretty hefty pricetag in comparison to just regular mp3 players.. but then again.. if it will last a couple years.. than I've already made up the difference. I average $35 x 3 on Sansa Clip's per year.. I usually clip them to my waste. But I have a tendency to flip songs.. So I guess sweat gets in over time.. Then usually one day it just plain old stops.

I've seen nano's go through the wash and keep working.. so I'm guessing they'll take the beating and keep on ticking (most of the time).
Once I moved my mp3 players from my waist to arm, most of my issues disappeared. Less sweat on my arm than dripping down my torso. I find it easier to flip songs when it's on my arm too.

I stock up on Clips when meritline or newegg have their $20 refurb specials. It's like stocking up on shoes. You know you'll need them. Wink